Love Never Fails: Love Is A Choice

God’s love, displayed through Christ, was the greatest gift we could ever imagine. It solved THE biggest problem of our existence: The problem of our SIN. This gift of love was freely given on the merit of Christ’s righteousness, so that no man can boast. God’s plan, however, isn’t only for us to receive this gift of immeasurable love & grace. He just doesn’t want to give TO you, he wants to give THROUGH you to impact the world for the immeasurable love of Christ.

Love Costs

Love COSTS…but NEVER TOO MUCH!!! With as much GRACE, MERCY, PITY, FORGIVENESS, and FAVOR we’ve been given by the CHIEF LOVER of our SOULS,  the LEAST we can do is LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY…NO MATTER THE COST!!! For LOVE, there’s some things I CANNOT do, and other things I WILL NOT do! Yet,  within the HEALTHY PARAMETERS of what I SHOULD DO, you can’t make me STOP DOING!!! I LOVE YOU, and there’s absolutely NOTHING YOU CAN DO  ABOUT IT!!! (John 3:16; 1 John 3:23; 1 John 4:16)

A Resolute Faith

A RESOLUTE FAITH in DARK PLACES!!! That’s how we THRIVE!!! With DARKNESS all around, with DEATH casting its deepest SHADOW upon my FUTURE,  with SIN lurking ever attempting to DISTRACT my focus, with DOUBTERS rehearsing worn-out prophesies based upon what THEY THINK THEY KNOW, I BEHAVE in a  way that shatters HELL’S PLAN for my DEMISE, by uttering a resounding declaration  that shakes the very forces of HELL ITSELF: “GOD IS WITH ME!!! I WILL NOT BE  AFRAID!!!” With that declaration, you bust the AIR out of the DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE  planned for you!!! Today, while you FEAR, DECLARE YOUR FAITH ONLY!!! Watch  what GOD will do THROUGH YOU, even in DARK PLACES!!! (Ps. 23:4)

Right Belief

What difference does it make to have a RIGHT BELIEF when your BELIEF makes no impact upon your BEHAVIOR? What good is your FAITH if it can’t help you when NO  ONE’S WATCHING YOU! Can your FAITH keep you committed when HELL is all around for a period of time? Who does your FAITH say you are when your HUMANITY reminds you how you are TRULY MADE? It matters NOT what you believe if what you believe makes no difference in making the world a better place to live for OTHERS and not just for YOU!!! It’s time to see some REAL FAITH, not CHURCH FAITH!!! (Matt. 6:10)

Very Difficult Space

Trauma, abuse, neglect, and abandonment produce a VERY DIFFICULT SPACE in which to foster positive, focused, formative development for children and youth. To all of you, my FB peeps, who experienced these HITS to your HEART AND SELF-ESTEEM and, by the grace of God, came out ALIVE, VIBRANT, STRONG, without the SMELL OF SMOKE, HERE’S TO YOU!!! Now, GO BACK and HELP TODAY’S TEENAGERS who are WHERE YOU WERE!!! They need you…WE NEED YOU!!! (Dan. 3:26-27)

One Decision

ONE call… ONE conversation… ONE message… ONE hug… ONE touch… ONE song… ONE turn…

ONE DECISION…can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in YOUR WORLD!!! Your life can turn around in the FLASH of ONE CHOICE!!! Never underestimate how PREGNANT with POSSIBILITIES there are in ONE MOMENT…one NOW MOMENT…like RIGHT NOW…TODAY!!! Make the choice to MAKE TODAY BEAUTIFUL, to the glory of the GOD who creates DAYS!!!  (Ps. 118:24)

Clap Along

“Clap along … If you feel…like a room without a roof!!!” #ichoosetobehappy (Ps. 118:24)


THE most DANGEROUS threat to the peace, security, safety, fellowship, sense of community, progress, and growth of any CONGREGATION is NOT THE DEVIL, but an INSECURE PASTOR!!! (Jer. 3:15)

The Matrix

I wonder…have many of our church cultures become “The Matrix”, places where we construct imaginary worlds which hide from us the stark, dark realities of the real world? Are we, in our churches, groups of people who have taken the “blue pill”…a room full of “sentinels”? What happens if one person, or a few, decides to take the “red pill” instead, and choose to, with Christ, enter into the realm of “the real”? What would  a congregation of “red pill” saints look like? I think, it would be a body like what developed in the book of Acts, going everywhere unplugging people from tentacles  of “The Matrix,” unafraid to be who God created them to be and loving people for who they are, and not what “The Matrix” tells them to be for the use of “machine-like” sentinels! GO AHEAD….TAKE THE RED PILL!!! BE SET FREE!!! HAHAHA!!!  (Heb. 9:11-15)

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