A Resolute Faith


where can i buy doxycycline for acne A RESOLUTE FAITH in DARK PLACES!!! That’s how we THRIVE!!! With DARKNESS all around, with DEATH casting its deepest SHADOW upon my FUTURE,  with SIN lurking ever attempting to DISTRACT my focus, with DOUBTERS rehearsing worn-out prophesies based upon what THEY THINK THEY KNOW, I BEHAVE in a  way that shatters HELL’S PLAN for my DEMISE, by uttering a resounding declaration  that shakes the very forces of HELL ITSELF: “GOD IS WITH ME!!! I WILL NOT BE  AFRAID!!!” With that declaration, you bust the AIR out of the DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE  planned for you!!! Today, while you FEAR, DECLARE YOUR FAITH ONLY!!! Watch  what GOD will do THROUGH YOU, even in DARK PLACES!!! (Ps. 23:4)

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