Put Christ First


Put Christ first, then trust Him with the details, stay out of the “God-chair” and WATCHGOD WORK!!! The resources needed for your GOD-ASSIGNMENT WILL FIND YOU or you will be LED TO THEM if you just STAY where GOD DIRECTS!!! (Deut. 28:2; John 16:13-15) Talk about me, send me to hell, castigate me, scandalize my name, relegate me as lost! But when you’re done judging me, nothing’s gonna change. I LOVE  PEOPLE…the good, the bad, the ugly…however they come, however I encounter them, and no matter what YOU think about that, or what YOU SAY about that, I’m STILL GONNA LOVE YOU and there’s absolutely NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!! LOL!!! #heartofanevangelist (Luke 10:27)

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