The Matrix


I wonder…have many of our church cultures become “The Matrix”, places where we construct imaginary worlds which hide from us the stark, dark realities of the real world? Are we, in our churches, groups of people who have taken the “blue pill”…a room full of “sentinels”? What happens if one person, or a few, decides to take the “red pill” instead, and choose to, with Christ, enter into the realm of “the real”? What would  a congregation of “red pill” saints look like? I think, it would be a body like what developed in the book of Acts, going everywhere unplugging people from tentacles  of “The Matrix,” unafraid to be who God created them to be and loving people for who they are, and not what “The Matrix” tells them to be for the use of “machine-like” sentinels! GO AHEAD….TAKE THE RED PILL!!! BE SET FREE!!! HAHAHA!!!  (Heb. 9:11-15)

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